Dartford Escorts is so proud about Men using Viagra

Using other elements especially chemicals may be a wrong act as what mothers want to have a strong attachment with her children when it comes to making motives to manifest man’s libido.

But there were certain thing which so called “cuddle hormone” than gives so much dramatic improvement on a male’s sexual orgasm, medical experts says that it is so close with the impact of the so called Viagra. The people behind this discovery specifically the scientist gives so much credit to the

Viagra performs so well that results to its blockbuster potential in making sexual experiences more interesting and exciting. According to the escorts in Dartford, Viagra owns the highest level of most sellable items on drug stores. It’s dramatic and chaotic effect to people, most especially to men who plays an important role in making it as one of a kind sexual booster.

Study shows that Oxytocin is a natural hormone of both man and woman’s body consist of. This is the reason why attraction, confidence, and trust with regards to sex is quite normal to the both of them.

Research shows that Viagra is known to be the best treatment of men who has an erectile dysfunction. Viagra perform so well when it comes to uplifting the blood flow into penis while having sexual encounter. This a great way to help attain and sustain the erection during sex.

The proper usage of Viagra as doctors prescribed:

  • Drink it an hour before you plan to have a sex with your partner
  • Drink it using your mouth. You can have with or without a meal. But it could be best when your tummy is half empty to sustain its effectivity.
  • Follow the prescription of your doctor in the proper amount that you need to consume based on your sexual situation.
  • Viagra also is a tool to manipulate erection while having sexual activities. This kind of effect could not be achieved just by using a pill.
  • Once you missed drinking Viagra the time you plan to have a sex you can still take it as long as it is with what the doctors advised.


Many patients were advised to have it 50 milligram, as what times needed them to take it, an hour before the sexual thing. But, it can even be taken not more than 4 hours before the sexual act. Dartford escorts says that the effectiveness of Viagra as what they have experience to one of their clients will depends on the dosage advised coming from the doctor. As far Dartford escorts know coming from their prestigious costumers they are only allow to take Viagra once a day.

Dartford escorts says a lot of appreciation to men who openly tells them that they are using Viagra with them. It sounds exciting at first but as they have the experience of men using Viagra they become more addicted to this kind of men. They hardly believe that they can still do the tricks and styles in sex when talking about their age. But they are so much more interesting compared to young men.

One of the Dartford escorts, on her testimony when she was ask on a blog con about escorts she simply says that she is so proud and love to fuck men using Viagra rather than to regular and young man. The Dartford girl says that young men now are too aggressive that they don’t even realize that they are hurting me. But talking to this men using Viagra she says “I salute them”. Why? Because they make sex comfortably and easy. There is harshness and they make it so slow that may sometimes having sex with them for more than an hour. They are too amazing in having sex. The feeling that you don’t even want to stop the motion of orgasm but you just can’t stop its arrival. It was so heaven when reach there. You will really feel relaxed after the encounter.

Viagra really helps a lot in improving sexual attitudes especially to men who has a serious problem with their erectile dysfunction. But this doesn’t mean they are not good in bed. In fact based from experience they perform so well in sex. This is the very reason why Viagra is known to men and are now trending online. Yes prescription should be follow in order not to go beyond its limitation, that would result badly to health.